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2022Discovering cooperation: Endogenous change in international organizations, with Tobias Lenz, Besir Ceka, Gary Marks, and Alexandr Burilkov. Review of International Organization (online first, Dec 2022) || || Online Appendix || Replication data

2022Differentiation in the European Union and beyond, with Gary Marks. European Union Politics (online first, September 2022) ||

2019. A Theory of International Organization, with Tobias Lenz and Gary Marks. Oxford: OUP. Book (unofficial version) || Table of contents & Introduction || The Basic Set-Up

2018. “Contested World Order: The Delegitimation of International Governance,” with Gary Marks and Tobias Lenz, Review of International Organizations, online first, Nov 2018,

2017Measuring International Authority: A Postfunctionalist Theory of Governance, Vol. III, with Gary Marks, Tobias Lenz, Jeanine Bezuijen, Besir Ceka, Svet Derderyan. Oxford: OUP. Book (unofficial version) || Table of contents.

2016. “Regional Dispute Settlement,” with Karen Alter. Oxford Handbook of Comparative Regionalism, edited by Tanja Börzel and Thomas Risse. Oxford: OUP, 538-58.

2014. “The Rise of Supranational Courts in International Organizations,” paper with Jeanine Bezuijen, Svet Derderyan, Emanuel Coman. Unpublished.

2014. Patterns of International Organization: Task specific vs. General Purpose.,” with Tobias Lenz, Jeanine Bezuijen, and Gary Marks. Politische Vierteljahresschrift, 49/2014: S136-161.

2014. “Delegation and Pooling in International Organizations,” with Gary Marks. Review of International Organizations, 10 (3): 305-28.  Replication data and Online appendix,


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