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2020. Language Difference and Regional Authority, with Sarah Shair-Rosenfield, Arjan H. Schakel, Sara Niedzwiecki, Gary Marks, and Sandra Chapman-Osterkatz. Special Anniversary Issue of Regional & Federal Studies, Online available (Oct 14, 2020) || replication (stata 15)

2020. A Postfunctionalist Theory of Multilevel Governance, with Gary Marks. Contribution to a Breakthrough Symposium on Multilevel Governance. British Journal of Politics and International Relations, Vol 22 (4): 820-26.

Special symposium on Multi-Level Governance
The British Journal of Politics and International Relations (online Nov 2020 — Vol 22, Issue 4: 753-836)

  1. Charlie Jeffery & John Peterson – Multi-level governance: Reconceptualising Europe’s modernized polity (753-766)
  2. Arjan H. Schakel – Multi-level governance in a ‘Europe with the regions’ (767-775)
  3. Tanja Börzel – Multilevel governance or multilevel government? (776-783)
  4. Michael Zürn – Unravelling multi-level governance systems (784-791)
  5. Hanna Kleider – Multilevel governance: Identity, political contestation, and policy (792-299)
  6. Dorothée Allain-Dupré – The multilevel governance imperative (800-808)
  7. Claire Charbit – From de jure to de facto decentralised public policies: The multi-level governance approach (809-819)
  8. Liesbet Hooghe & Gary Marks –A postfunctionalist theory of multilevel governance (820-826)


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