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2024. How does the transnational cleavage stack up against the classic cleavages of the past?, with Gary Marks. Unpublished.

2024. How and why do men and women vote differently?, with Jonne Kamphorst and Gary Marks. Unpublished.

2024. Division on the Christian Right: Republican pastors and the use of force, with Stephanie N. Shady and Gary Marks. Politics and Religion (conditionally accepted, May 2024) || Online Appendix.

2024Field of education and political behavior: Predicting GAL/TAN voting, with Gary Marks and Jonne Kamphorst. American Political Science Review (accepted, April 2024) || Online Appendix || Additional information || Harvard Dataverse for replication material:

2024.The Russian threat and the consolidation of the West, with Gary Marks, Ryan Bakker, Seth Jolly, Jonathan Polk, Jan Rovny, Marco Steenbergen, and Milada Anna Vachudova. European Union Politics (online first, March 2024) || Expert survey data || Online Appendix || Replication data.

2023How crises shape circles of solidarity: Evidence from the COVID pandemic in Italy, with Jeremy Ferwerda, Gabriele Magni, and Gary Marks. Comparative Political Studies (online first, May 2023).

2023. Transformation of the political space A citizens perspective, with Ruth Dassonneville and Gary Marks. European Journal of Political Research (online first, April 2023) || || Online appendix and Replication.

2022. The social roots of the transnational cleavage: Education, occupation, and sex, with Gary Marks. RSCAS Working Paper 2022/53 (July 2022) || Online Appendix

2022. Revisiting party system structuration in Latin America and Europe: Economic and socio-cultural dimensions, with Cecilia Martinez-Gallardo, Nicolas de la Cerda, Jonathan Hartlyn, Ryan Bakker, and Gary Marks. Party Politics, (2022), 1-13, (online first April 2022). DOI: 10.1177/13540688221090604.

2022. The social bases of political parties: A new measure and survey, with Gary Marks, David Attewell, Jan Rovny and Marco Steenbergen. British Journal of Political Science, (2022), 1-12. doi:10.1017/S0007123421000740. || Replication data  

2022. Contesting Covid: The ideological bases of partisan responses. European Journal of Political Research, (2022), 1-10. doi: 10.1111/1475-6765.12510 || Replication data.

2021. Chapel Hill Expert Survey trend file, 1999-2019, with Seth Jolly, Ryan Bakker, Gary Marks, Jonathan Polk, Jan Rovny, Marco Steenbergen, and Milada Anna Vachudova, Electoral Studies, 75 (online first, November 2021)

2021. Cleavage theory, with Gary Marks, David Attewell, Jan Rovny. In: The Palgrave Handbook of EU Crises, edited by Marianne Riddervold, Jarle Trondal, and Akasemi Newsome. London: Palgrave MacMillan, 173-94.

2020. Who opposes the EU? Continuity and change in party Euroscepticism between 2014 and 2019, with Ryan Bakker, Gary Marks, Jonathan Polk, Jan Rovny, Marco Steenbergen, Milada Vachudova. LSE Blog Jun1, 2020.

2020. The changing political landscape in Europe, with Gary Marks, David Attewell, Jan Rovny. In: The EU Through Multiple Crises, edited by Maurizio Cotta and Pierangelo Isernia. London: Routledge, 20-44.

2019. Grand theories of European integration in the 21st Century, with Gary Marks. Journal of European Public Policy, 26(8): 1113-1133.

2018. Contested World Order: The Delegitimation of International Governance, with Tobias Lenz and Gary Marks. Review of International Organizations, online first, Nov 2018,

2018. Re-engaging grand theory: European integration in the 21st Century, with Gary Marks. Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies (RSCAS) Working Paper Series, No. 2018/43.

2018. “Cleavage theory meets Europe’s crises: Lipset, Rokkan and the transnational cleavage,” with Gary Marks. Journal of European Public Policy, 25(1): 109-135.

2017. “Explaining the Salience of Anti-elitism and Reducing Political Corruption for Political Parties in Europe with the 2014 Chapel Hill Expert Survey Data,” with Jon Polk, Jan Rovny, Ryan Bakker, Erica Edwards, Gary Marks, Seth Jolly, Jelle Koedam, Filip Kostelka, Marco Steenbergen, Milada Vachudova. Research & Politics Jan-March: 1-9. Dataset:

2012/15. “Measuring Party Positions in Europe: The Chapel Hill Expert Survey Trend File 1999-2010,” with Ryan Bakker, Erica Edwards, Seth Jolly, Gary Marks, Jonathan Polk, Jan Rovny, Marco Steenbergen, Milada Vachudova, Party Politics Vol. 21 (1): 143-153. Dataset:

2012. “To Dichotomize or Not Dichotomize: A Reply to Proksch and Lo,” with Gary Marks and Marco Steenbergen, European Union Politics, 13 (2): 334-39.

2012. “Politicization,“ with Gary Marks, Handbook on the European Union, edited by Erik Jones, Stephen Weatherill, and Anand Menon, OUP, 840-53.

2010. “Reliability and Validity of the 2002 and 2006 Chapel Hill Expert Surveys on Party Positioning,” with Ryan Bakker, Anna Brigevich, Catherine de Vries, Erica Edwards, Gary Marks, Jan Rovny, Marco Steenbergen, Milada Vachudova, European Journal of Political Research, 42 (4): 684-703. Replication data. Dataset:

2009. “Postcommunist Politics in a Magnetic Field: How Transition and EU Accession Structure Party Competition on European Integration,” with Milada A. Vachudova, Comparative European Politics, 7(2): 179-212. Replication data.

2009. “A Postfunctionalist Theory of European Integration: From Permissive Consensus to Constraining Dissensus,” with Gary Marks, British Journal of Political Science, 39, 1, 1-23. [Responses by Philippe Schmitter, Hanspeter Kriesi, and Borzel and Risse].

2008. European Union?” with Gary Marks, Anniversary issue of West European Politics, 31 (1–2), 107 – 129.

2007. Editor (with Gary Marks) of double special Issue on “Sources of Euroskepticism: Table of Contents,”’ Acta Politica, 42 (2-3): 119-354.

2007. Editor of special Issue on “Euroskepticism, Parties, and Public Opinion: Table of Contents,” European Union Politics, 8 (1): 5-150.

2007. “Cross-Validating Data on Party Positioning on European Integration,” with Gary Marks, Marco Steenbergen, and Ryan Bakker, Electoral Studies, 26 (1): 23-38. Dataset:

2007. “Do Expert Surveys Produce Consistent Estimates of Party Stances on European Integration? Comparing Expert Surveys in the Difficult Case of Central and Eastern Europe,” with Gary Marks, Robert Rohrschneider, Marco Steenbergen, Milada Vachudova, Stephen Whitefield, Electoral Studies 26 (1): 50-61.

2006. “Party Competition and European Integration in East and West: Different Structure, Same Causality,” with Gary Marks, Moira Nelson and Erica Edwards, Comparative Political Studies, 39 (2): 155-75. Replication data.

2006. “Europe’s Blues: Theoretical Soul-Searching After the Rejection of a European Constitution,” with Gary Marks, PS: Politics and Political Science, 39 (2): 247-50.

2005. “Calculation, Community, and Cues: Public Opinion on European Integration,” with Gary Marks, European Union Politics 6 (4): 419-443. Replication data. Online appendix

2004. “Does Identity or Economic Rationality Drive Public Opinion on European Integration?” with Gary Marks, PS: Political Science and Politics, 37 (3): 415-420.

2003. “Europe Divided? Elites vs. Public Opinion on European Integration,” European Union Politics, 4 (3): 281-305. Replication data.

2002. “Does Left/Right Structure Party Positions on European Integration?” with Gary Marks and Carole Wilson, Comparative Political Studies, 35 (8): 965-989.

1999. “Making of A Polity. The Struggle over European Integration,” with Gary Marks, in Continuity and Change in Contemporary Capitalism, edited by Herbert Kitschelt, Gary Marks, Peter Lange and John Stephens. Cambridge: CUP, 70-97.



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